Gracie Learning Series

Gracie Goes Camping (Growing with Gracie learning series)

Author: Nancy L. Stover

ASIN: B08162ZVP4
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Follow Gracie as she goes on a camping adventure to Yellowstone National Park.

Gracie Goes Camping is the second children’s book in the Gracie Learning Series. It was created to provide reading, writing and science learning experiences in an entertaining and educational story.

This children’s book is the effort of a 35 year Reading Specialist and #1 Bestselling author Nancy L. Stover. “Gracie
Won’t Talk” was created to provide reference for reading and writing lessons in an entertaining and interesting story, while presenting a positive model of a learner. This book has engaging illustrations, curriculum based vocabulary and sentence structure specifically for 4-8 year olds. The story line incorporates reading and writing improvement strategies, but is not meant as a standalone teaching guide.

For further examples and explanations see the Companion Book, “Gracie Won’t Talk: a Parents’ Guide to Reading and Writing”.